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The Sheik

Published 1921

Legendary Valentino picture.

Valentino stars as an Arabian who falls in love with an English woman in this classic silent picture.

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Run time 86 mins
Producer Jesse L Lasky
Production Company Paramount Pictures
Audio/Visual Silent, B/W
Contact Information <a href="">The Video Cellar</a>


Reviewer: amwaldeck - - March 1, 2012
Subject: Loved it
It was interesting to see how the middle east was interpreted at that time. Loved it.
Reviewer: I Am Gen X - - April 22, 2011
Subject: Thank you for uploading!
It's easy to see why this one broke box office records. I think it was the highest grossing film until Gone With The Wind, which was years later. Four Horsemen might have launched him into the spotlight but this movie cemented his fame the way that Cobra and Eagle proved why he deserved to be there. We belong to Valentino.
Reviewer: katpooh9 - - July 30, 2009
Subject: Finally!
I get to see what the rage was all about during the 1920's with Rudolph Valentino. A movie well produced.
Reviewer: Dick.Ket - - July 24, 2009
Subject: Thanks for uploading
Can you also upload "The Four Horseman of the Acopalypse" can't find it anywere
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